About us

JH Berry Risk Services is a risk consulting firm focused on supporting client’s goals. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, JH Berry specializes in consultation for companies in commercial risk, human capital, and small business and private personal clients. 

Founded in 1908, JH Berry Risk Services believes its objective process combined with private ownership and expertise drive unique results. The ability to identify and analyze opportunities that maximize returns while minimizing risks for clients, allows JH Berry Risk Services to implement a strategic plan and measure innovative solutions.

JH Berry Risk Services is so dedicated to excellence, they guarantee it

Our Process 

Identify > Analyze > Create > Implement > Measure

Our Guarantee

Excellence in risk management requires a committed and detailed focus on client’s goals. We believe our objective process combined with our private ownership and expertise will drive unique results.  What makes JH Berry Risk Services different is that we will put our commitment to your goals in writing with definable and measurable targets. Our compensation is directly tied to the successful achievement of your goals, our guarantee

“Many consulting firms speak to the impact of their process, teams and resources, we guarantee it”
— Chris Hartnett, President of JH Berry Risk Services